• No more remembering passwords
  • No more changing password every 30 days
  • No more case-sensitive passwords or special characters or numericals
  • No more same password or different passwords problems for several accounts
  • No more sticky notes or password managers or vaults
  • With a r8click Account all your favorite website accounts are just one click away.
  • Your face is your passcode

Type in your favorite website to see if it is supported for Face login through us. Example : www.myfavoritewebsite.com


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Our face login is very easy to integrate on any web site and does not require any kind of programming knowledge at all. Just add a few lines of code and your site is is ready to take full advantage of face login.
  1. Add a login button on one or webpages where you want the face login service by adding following code. You can use any text or image as you will. <a href="javascript:void()" onclick="r8clickLogin()"> <img src="http://www.r8click.com/img/login.png" /> </a>
  2. Include our script in your website by inserting the following lines in webpages on which you want to use face login.Also specify URL for authentication page which is called on the completion of process. . <script type="text/javascript" src="http://api.r8click.com/login.js" /> <script> var authURL="http://www.mysite.com/facelogin.php";</script>
  3. Add server side code in landing page to act based on the response code and status received from r8click face login service.
    Select your language and add following code to your page
    $result=$_REQUEST['status']; if($result=="success"){ $res=file_get_contents("http://api.r8click.com/?rsCode=" . @$_REQUEST[rsCode] ); $res=json_decode($res); $email=$res->email;//Verified Email of user }else{ //Print error echo @$_REQUEST["msg"]; }
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